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InterNACHI Certified

Inspection Services For Home Buyers

Are you getting ready to purchase a home? Before you close the deal, our pre-purchase inspections will give you the accurate information you'll need to make one of life's most important decisions. Our thorough inspection services will include a complete assessment of the home's systems and components. Electronic web-based reports and/or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) available within 24 hours of an inspection.


•  ​​Structural Defects
•  Appliances Upon Request
•  Interior Walls
•  Outlets
•  Attic/Crawl Spaces
• ​ Fireplaces
• ​ Floors & Ceilings


• ​​​​ ​​Walls
•​​  Siding
• ​​ Eves & Trim
•  Foundation
• ​​ ​​Roofing
• ​​ ​Chimneys & Flues
• ​​ Doors & Windows
• ​​ Deck/Patio/Porches


• ​​​​ Heating/Cooling
• ​​​​ Plumbing
• ​​​​ Electrical
• ​​​​ Ventilation
• ​​​​ Emergency Power 
   Upon Request

Inspection Services For Sellers

Pre-listing inspections by our certified home inspector will help you sell your home faster and ensure a smooth transaction, avoiding the need to make hasty and more expensive repairs prior to closing. Home sellers and real estate agents increasingly choose to have the home pre-inspected prior to putting the property on the market. The advantages of a pre-listing inspection are:

• ​​All potential defects are known in advance, letting sellers know exactly what may need to be repaired or replaced, instead of guessing.

• ​​​Armed with this knowledge, sellers can choose which improvements to make and/or adjust the asking price accordingly.

• ​​Marketing the home as "pre-inspected" distinguishes it from others and gives potential buyers the confidence they need to make a well-informed decision about their purchase.

• ​​With all potential issues addressed in advance, the entire transaction can move along much more smoothly and swiftly.
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